Some Personal Details:

  • I am married with 5 children, 1 boy, and 4 girls.
  • Our family likes to travel, camp, ride motorcycles and 4 wheelers, and go to Lake Powell.
  • I also love to surf (grew up in SoCal), and now can go with my son on the surf trips to CA and Mexico. But, wherever I go, I stay connected by phone, text, and email to all clients.

About Me

I started my Real Estate career in 2005 (getting licensed in both Utah and California at the same time). I was then building custom homes and remodeling homes in Utah and CA. I went full time as a Realtor in 2007, and started my website “HalfpriceAgent.com”, and heavily advertised my message of saving money for my buyers and sellers. I have had great success since then, increasing my sales volume constantly because my past clients have referred me to their family and friends like crazy.

Over the years, while offering 1/2 price on my listing fees for sellers, I ran into many sellers that just did not have enough money to sell their house and pay the realtor fees. They were just too tight with their loan payoffs. So, years ago I started telling these clients that if they purchased a house with me after they sold, I would LIST YOUR HOME FOR FREE, and then, when they bought their next home, I would not give the typical 1% buyer rebate gift that I normally give to buyers. This system worked so well, and made it possible for many clients to be able to sell, that I started telling many clients about it. It has naturally come to the forefront of my business. I have done this LIST YOUR HOME FOR FREE deal now for dozens and dozens of clients. Typically, these clients save about $8000 on average in Realtor fees!

I also have a broad knowledge of construction. This has helped many of my home buyers when searching for a home to purchase. When I am with home buyers, looking at homes, as we walk through the homes, I am searching for problems: roof leaks, foundation problems, flashing and stucco problems, evidence of water in the basement, etc. I have aided countless buyers and helped them to discover hidden defects. Keep in mind, I am not a “licensed” inspector, but my experience really does help a lot.